How to get free robux

What began as an endeavor to help children learn physics while shaping their own 3D worlds is today the largest online gaming platform in the world.

With that sentence we could summarize the evolution, since 10 years ago, of Roblox. Today it is not only the small digital home of at least 65 million users, but also the source of income for some Roblox world developers, who can earn up to $50,000 every month just by creating worlds where other users play.

For a long time, Roblox was in Minecraft’s shadow. Today, it has certainly turned the tables, and Roblox has matched – in some countries, surpassed – both user and revenue figures of the block world creator we had as the most popular.

Today we will talk about how to get Robux for free. Roblox currency, which will serve you for many things, like playing premium games, improving your own worlds, among many other things that happen in the Roblox universe.

Before knowing how to win free Robux, or how to have infinite Robux, you have to know how the platform where you work with these Robux works (R$).

We are talking about Roblox.

Because Roblox, in its origins, was going to be dedicated to children. But not in the way it does now, but it was going to be a teaching platform where children (between 3 and 12 years old) would take their first steps in the knowledge of physics, discovering shapes, movements, and thus create their own virtual worlds.

However, success gave way to new ways of working, because the most curious began to see beyond the possibilities that the founders of Roblox thought, and so they began to create new worlds, from rudimentary 3D pieces to true works of digital art, and other users dedicated themselves to exploring these worlds and interacting in them thanks to the Roblox characters.

Today, the platform estimates that there are 65 million active users, of which about 55,000 are world and game developers.

How does it work from the inside?

The user registers for free and can explore the games and worlds made by other users. In addition, if you have the knowledge or the willingness, you can create your own worlds and games within Roblox.

The interesting thing about the platform is that most of the users who play Roblox are not older than 10 years. While developers range from 15 to 22 years old, with some earning up to $50,000 a month from their games.

While the games on Roblox are free, some have purchases within the application (which are paid for with Robux), and other games are paid for. That is, you have to pay, also with R$, to play.

Interesting features

One of the main consequences of its success is that, unlike Minecraft, Roblox has an infinite number of purposes, with the only limitation being the creativity of its own developers.

Infinity of purposes, infinity of character customization, infinity of plots, and infinity of worlds. In Minecraft, despite its robustness, everything happens around a single world. Plus, being in 3D gave it a much higher quality boost than its main competitor’s 2D pixel.

What is Robux and how can you use it?

Robux, abbreviated to R$, is Roblox’s unique virtual currency. Until a couple of years ago, it coexisted with Tickets, abbreviated as Tix, from the same platform.

This virtual currency can be bought and sold within the Roblox platform, but can also be found elsewhere. Paying, almost always. However, after explaining everything you need to know about Robux, we will explain everything you need to know about the most frequently asked questions by users:

  • How to have Robux infinite?
  • How to get Robux for free?
  • How to get Robux for free at Roblox
  • How to get free Robux Android?

If you’ve asked yourself some of these questions, you’ve come to the right place to answer them. In the meantime, let’s talk about how you can use the Robux you generate in Roblox.

What can you use the R$ for?

Robux (R$) can be used for some of these things:

Buying access to premium games

On the Roblox platform, there are hundreds of games that are free. But there is also a special category where you can find Pay games. Some of these are true works of art comparable to the biggest productions of internationally recognized companies.

To be able to enter these games, you need an entry. An access to the game. This access is paid with Robux. Some games may have an entrance fee of R$ 25, while others may be worth up to R$ 1,000. It all depends on the quality of the game, the ratings of other users, and what you are willing to pay for the experience.

Buy game passes

Also called Game Passes. As we said before, there are games that are totally free for you to play, but they have purchases within the application.

To buy upgrades, clothes for your characters, access to higher levels, special powers and other benefits, you need to have Robux. These Game Passes have prices that vary depending on the game, as each of the developers can set the price you want each of these benefits to have.

You buy collectible items

On the Roblox platform there are many collectibles that can be purchased for R$, including T-shirts, caps. Items that you can also sell for a profit, since being collectibles, they can quickly increase in price.

Exchange for cash

Something we also mentioned earlier.

Within the platform, not only R$ can be bought, but also redeemed for cash.

This is possible for all users within the platform, so it is a possibility you should handle. Especially if you have obtained the Robux for free.

After knowing what the Robux are used for, it is time to find out how you can get Robux for free in 2018, without doing any illegalities or dying in the attempt.

Ways to get free Robux

If you’ve reached this point, you have everything you need to get Robux for free. We’ll talk about ways to get Robux free in 2018, as well as other ways to get Robux free, even if you have to pay.

We don’t want you to miss out on any of the ways that there are to get Robux.

Let’s get started.

Ways to get Robux without paying

Here’s a summary of all the ways to get Robux for free in 2018.

Roblox Affiliate Program

One of the most popular ways to get Robux for free is with the Roblox affiliate program. Easy, simple, free, though not as many Robux as you’d like. For sure.

If you already have a Roblox account, all you have to do is go to their Affiliate Program section and affiliate with the program.

After that, you will receive a personalized link. Something like user.

Every time a new user (your friends) registers through this link, you will earn 5% of the Robux they buy on the platform.

This means that if you have 10 friends, and between them they buy 10,000 Robux, you will get 500 Robux for free.

This won’t happen just the first time. But every time they buy, you win. There is no limit to the number of users or the amount of Robux you can win.

Selling Game Passes

In order to sell Game Passes, you must obviously have a game developed in Roblox. But, if you’ve seen how the platform works, or if you’ve already played on Roblox, you’ll know that some games are easy to make.

In fact, you can make as many games as you want, and only until you feel satisfied with your results, think about selling Game Passes for benefits you want users to get.

It is important to note that the developer decides the final price of each of the benefits he will put on sale in his game. If you are a free user, you will receive 10% of the profits generated by your game as Game Passes.

If you are a member of the BC, you will earn 70% of the profits from game pass sales.

Note: In the next segment we will talk about how to become a member of the Builders Club (BC).

Selling Game Access

Related to the above. Only in this case, besides having at least one game developed in Roblox, your game must be of very high quality. Game Access is nothing more than access to the game. That is, in order to play, users must pay.

As in the previous case, the game developer will determine the price of the access to the game. And, also, the winnings are distributed in the same way: 10% to free users, and 70% to users belonging to the BC.

To be able to sell Game Access you must have more than 1 month registered in Roblox.

Robux free with Cash For Apps

Cash For Apps is an application for the Android or iOS operating system through which you can generate Robux for free.

Cash For Apps works as follows:

  • Download the application to your mobile and register as a new user.
  • Cash For Apps pays you for testing applications of your mobile operating system. To do this, you must download the applications recommended by Cash For Apps, try them out for a minute, and then, if they don’t look good, uninstall them.
  • Every time you try an app sponsored by Cash4Apps, you earn points that you can exchange for gift cards.
  • The Rixty Card gift card costs 3,000 points and can be exchanged for 1,000 Robux within the Roblox platform.
  • All this, as you can see, is completely free of charge. In addition, Cash4Apps has an affiliate program, and you can earn extra points to keep exchanging for Gift Cards.

– Get Robux with AppKarma

App Karma is another application to win free Robux. To do so, you will need to exchange 9,500 karma points for a $10 Rixty Card (equivalent to 1,000 Robux units).

To earn Karma points in AppKarma you’ll need to complete easy surveys or install and test applications on Android or iOS.

However, in addition to Roblox points, you can redeem your Karma points for other things.

It also has a referral program. This means that if a user registers through your link, you will earn up to 300 Karma points.

This application, available in Google Play Store , allows you to complete small simple surveys that, in turn, will allow you to get credits for Google Play or Gift Cards.

On the other hand, with about 3 completed surveys you will have enough to redeem for about 50 Robux.

If you live in Europe or the United States, you will receive a higher payment than users in Latin America.

Another option is to use services such as OPRewards.

Create a viral game

The last option we recommend at this time is to create a viral game. And it doesn’t have to be a very elaborate game.

If you can calculate, there are at least 65 million active users on Roblox. This means that if you manage to viralize a game that is played by a million users, you have the possibility to offer Game Passes or Game Access at a very low price (in Robux), and win a lot of money.

Of course, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. Everything will be in the theme and the target audience.

After that, we will talk about the other (payment) ways to get Robux in 2018.

You can always buy the Robux, it’s the easiest way.

After the alternatives to get Robux for free in 2018, we want to finish this post with the recommendations to win Robux, even if you have to pay a little.

The logical way to have Robux for your games, to access benefits or to create worlds without limitations, is to buy through the official Roblox platform store.

These are the prices, expressed in American dollars (USD):

  • 400 Robux = $4.95
  • 800 Robux = $9.95
  • 2000 Robux = $24.95
  • 4,500 Robux = $49.95 (10% free)
  • 10,000 Robux = $99.95 (19% free)
  • 22,500 Robux = $199.95 (29% free)

In addition to this, if you are a member of the Builders Club, you will earn a bonus that can be up to 12,500 Robux for free.

Win Robux with the Builders Club

One of the best ways to get Robux for free is to be a member of the Builders Club (BC).

While you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to be part of this builders club, which offers many advantages for the creation of your worlds and your games, you will receive a large amount of free Robux change in case it is your first time as a member (something like a welcome bonus).

In addition, you will receive a number of free Robux every day, depending on your level in the Builders Club.

To wit:

  • Classic : 15 free Robux per day
  • Turbo: 35 Robux free per day
  • Outrageous: 60 free Robux every day

As it is, you no longer have an excuse to start earning Robux for free infinitely. Do you know another method? Let me know in the comments.

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