How to get free Robux: Earn Robux Tips 2020

I’m sure you know what we mean when we say Robux (R$), for those of you who don’t, are the virtual currencies used in the world’s most widespread online gaming platform, Roblox. If we want to sell or buy within the platform itself, we must use Robux. If you are a Roblox fan, you will surely be interested in how to get free robux at Roblox 2020: tricks.

Roblox was born with a very particular objective, it was a game to help children understand the different concepts of physics, using 3D technology. When children start to create their own worlds, saving the physical challenges, without realizing it, they would be understanding purely physical concepts.

But it was that same method of learning, modeling and creating new worlds, plus the use of a very simple programming language, that caught the gamers’ attention. Today it is a platform with more than 90 million players worldwide.

With Roblox it is possible to create personalized worlds, modify the aesthetics of our avatars and generate new plots.  The game is free and with it you can have a lot of fun, because the options are endless. But if you want to experience more emotions such as buying access to premium games, buying game passes, collectibles, etc., you will have to use its virtual Robux coin (R$).


Cash for Apps is a widely used application among Roblox Gamers. You can only use it in mobiles with both Android and iOS systems.

The idea is to test applications that are on promotion. To do so, you will have to download the application to your mobile through your mobile’s Playstore, which in this case is the Cash for App.

The next step, after installing it, will be to register or create a new user. In this sense, you will see many people on the net who offer to give their user code for us to use. This is because there is also a loyalty program, that is, the more users that enter with your account, the more you will earn. In our case we recommend that you create your own code.

This App will pay you every time you try a new game that the application is promoting, this is important. To do this you must download the application in question and test it for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. If we don’t stay in the app for the necessary time, we won’t get paid.

If you download the application and test it or like it you can leave it on your mobile, otherwise you can uninstall it without any problem. With this application you will receive Cash for Apps points, which you can redeem for gift cards or Gift Cards.

When you have a large amount of points, i.e. 3,000 points, you can exchange them in Roblox for robux. In the case of the Roblox platform, the compatible gift card is the Rixty Card and in order to use it you will need an accumulated 3,000 points. Once you’ve earned them, you can simply redeem them on the Roblox platform and you’ll get 1,000 robux.

If, as we said at the beginning, you use another user’s code, you will receive 20 points while the code owner will receive 45 points.


Another application that you can only use with your smartphone, Android or iOS. Its use is very similar to Cash For Apps, where you will also have to register as a user.

In this case we can use this application in two different ways. We can download programs on promotion and test them, as we did in Cash For Apps, or we can answer simple questionnaires. Whichever option you choose, App Karma will reward you with Karma points.

To be able to redeem these Karma points in robux within the Roblox platform, you will have to have earned 9,500 Karma points. Once you have earned them, you can redeem them in Roblox via a Rixty Card, for 1,000 robux.

This app also has an affiliate link, every time someone signs up through your affiliate link, you will receive 300 Karma points. The more people that enter through your link, the more points you get.


Another way to get coins to buy in Roblox, is through Google Opinion Rewards. This is an application developed by Google, where you can get credits to spend on Google Play or Gift Cards. This last one is the one we are interested in in order to get robux.

In this case, you will also have to register as a user and enter through your link. Google Opinion Reward, consists of answering simple surveys. When you complete 3-5 surveys, Google Opinion Rewards will pay you with credits that you can exchange in Roblox for 50 units of robux.

n this sense, if you live in Europe the payment per survey will be higher than if you live in Latin America. To access this app, you will have to download it through the Playstore service on your mobile.

If you are interested in getting robux, there are other very similar apps that you can download through the Playstore on your mobile. OPRewards, is one of them and its function is very similar to the one developed by Google.


Perhaps the easiest way to get Robux for free, through the affiliate program. By having your Roblox account, you will be able to access the Affiliate Programs section, you simply have to join this one. Once affiliated, you will receive a link that has a personal character.

Each person who accesses Roblox through this link, the platform rewards you with 5% R$, of the Robux that person acquires each time he or she connects. The problem is that your friends or family must buy Robux, otherwise you will not receive anything.

The important thing about this trick is to have many people connecting through your link and above all, buying Robux. There is no time or user limit for this trick.


You can only sell Game Passes if you have developed a game on this platform. You can design as many games as you want, without limit, and then you can sell the passes of these games. For every game you design you will get a percentage of profit, the price of the game is set by the developer himself.

If you are a free user, your profit can reach 10% for the sale of the Game Passe, while if you belong to the Builders Club, your profit can reach 70% for the sale.

This trick to get free robux in Roblox 2020, is a little more than the trick we just saw in «Sell Game Passes».

In this case you also have to have a game developed in Roblox and in addition, the game has to be good, or rather, be to the liking of the users. When we say that it must be to the users’ liking, it is because they must pay to be able to play.

You only need to develop a game in Roblox that will get users hooked. The price of the Game Access will be set by the developer. The profits obtained from the game will be the same as for the Game Passes, if you are a free user you will receive 10% of robux, while if you are a member of the Builders Club, you will receive 70%.

To access Game Acces, you must be a verified user and your registration on the Roblox platform must be at least 30 days old. As you can see, this is not a very demanding requirement.


For incredible returns, you will only need your game to go viral, which means that the game you have developed will have a very high interest among users. The games that work best in this sense are the simplest, games with a fun plot, capable of engaging the greatest number of users.

If your game goes viral, it is best to set a low price, so that the investment in rubox is not excessive and therefore the greatest number of gamers can have access to it. This way a low price will be compensated with the amount of Game Access or Game Passe you sell. It is true that reaching this level is not easy, but it is not impossible either, and we all know that there are games in Roblox with real legions of fans or users.

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