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We have available the download of App Weatherbug for computer and other devices. We explain to you how to download this free App Weatherbug in this article. This app described in Apps4u is tested from Play Store, AppStore and direct download.

Do you need a good weather forecast app? WeatherBug is one of the best weather app you can find in apps stores, since it belongs to the 10 best weather apps for Android devices. Its weather predictions are very accurate, it will even tell you about heavy rains, snow, hail and electric storms.

Download Weatherbug

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Some important characteristics of WeatherBug

• WeatherBug counts with a meteorological map, and this map has 10 different options of use.
• WeatherBug can send you a notification when heavy rains or electric storms are coming where you are.
• WeatherBug will help you make sure that your plans will take place successfully. If you do outdoors sports, WeatherBug will tell you if it is a good day to do it or not. For example, it is not a good idea to go swimming while an electric storm, so have a look at WeatherBug before you leave your place.
• It counts with one of the best meteorological station in the World, in Canada and EE.UU.
• Any person in anywhere in the world will be able to get information about the weather forecast of the city where he/she is thanks to WeatherBug. You can even synchronize WeatherBug with a smart thermometer.

Some FAQ about WeatherBug

Is WeatherBug a reliable app?

It is considered a very accurate weather forecast app. Thanks to its weather doppler radar, you will be able to know everything, from a simple rain to the most dangerous atmospheric phenomena, such as electric storms, hurricanes or heavy rains.

Why could WeatherBug be good for me?

There are many weather forecast apps in apps stores, but this one is different. You will be able to control the notifications and decide which ones you want to receive according to your likes and uses. In addition, its forecast is very accurate.

Why is WeatherBug that popular?

It is popular because of its accurate weather forecast. In addition, WeatherBug counts with a long trajectory, prestige and good technology, since it is supported by to powerful meteorological companies.

What do users of WeatherBug think about this app?

They think WeatherBug is perfect and one of the most important and accurate weather forecast app you can ever find in apps stores. However, they complain about its interface, since it is not as attractive as others are. Nevertheless, it is more important the accurate weather forecast than an attractive interface.

In conclusion

Thanks to WeatherBug, you will not have problems when you want to make future plans. It happens because of its accuracy. In addition, you can control the notifications and make sure you will only receive those alerts you really need.
Do not hesitate to download and install this app on all your Android or iOS devices.

Development description

Download WeatherBug®, winner of the 2019 “Best Weather App” by Appy Awards.

Get the most accurate weather app that provides environmental intelligence for all aspects of people’s lives, free! This live weather app provides the fastest weather alerts, real-time weather conditions, accurate hourly & 10-day forecasts & more.

Explore 20 weather maps, including Doppler radar, UV index, satellite map, lightning alerts, precipitation, local temperature, wind chill, road forecast and more! From heat index to pollen count, WeatherBug gives you everything you need to know. Our weather widgets let you set alerts and information you want to see on your home screen.

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